The birdmen of Istanbul

Tours, Status Symbols, Animals

300 men carrying boxes and cages meet every summer weekend in cafes across Istanbul. Inside each is a bird.

Building a women’s revolution in Bolivia

Money, Going to the Market

Construction work attracts increasing numbers of Bolivian women, but they aren't paid or promoted nearly as well as men. Yet.

Confessions of a Cairo chair

Protest, Home

If the revolution had a living room, it was here with me. I am a chair in the Borsa cafe district. Cheap, maybe even flimsy, but by far the most popular chair in town.

Higher Paris Real Estate

Mass Housing, Moving House, Home

As Paris undergoes one of the most severe housing crisis of the past century, thousands of high-rise apartments in the suburbs are being demolished.

The Myanmar River Divers

Trash, Water, Get a Job

With flimsy handmade masks and weighted down with chains, Myanmar's traditional salvage divers can stay underwater for up to 30 minutes to haul debris from shipwrecks.

How Ebola Hit the Wall

Looking at Art, Touch, Death

Stephen Doe took two months to paint this mural in one of the busiest street of Monrovia, Liberia. DIY communication campaigns like his were fundamental in stopping the spread of Ebola in Western Africa.