The girl boxers of Nairobi

Superheroes, Teenagers

In Korogocho slum, would-be rapists wait for teenage girls to walk by. But some of those girls have been taking boxing lessons.

The Graffiti Professors

Looking at Art

Acción Ortografica Quito is going around the capital of Ecuador correcting spelling and grammar mistakes in graffiti.

Mars One Way Only

Transport, Frontiers, Star City

The 100 astronauts recently selected by Mars One for a mission to Mars are not expected to come back.

Year of the Sheeple

It's a baby!

Chinese couples have been reported requesting Cesarean operations in order to ensure their children are born before the unlucky year.

Lost at the Border


One third of migrants who die while trying to cross the US-Mexico border never get buried. Diego’s body now rests in the cemetery of Acatlán de la Cruz thanks to a plastic prayer card that he always kept in his pocket.

Jesus Lives at the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida

Fans, Tours, Leisure World

If you arrive at the right time, you can see Jesus staggering through the plastic lanes of the Jerusalem Street Market.