Curing Soviet Nostalgia at the Gulag Theme Park

Cease Fear, Freedom of Speech, Violence

A former Soviet bunker in a Lithuanian forest where you eat tinned beef and get whipped with a leather belt.

The Penis Park of South Korea

Best Wishes, Looking at Art, Status Symbols

At Haesindang Park, there are penis wind chimes and totem poles, veiny canons made of iron and a row of fully clothed life-size statues masturbating as their dogs look on.



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Drones on Rugs

Looking at Art

Afghan rugs witness the conflicts that have been tormenting the country in the past thirty years: first they showed Soviet weapons, then they depicted the consequences of the 9/11 attacks, today they feature US drones, in quality wool.

Japan’s Broken Arrows

Lust, War, Religion

Yesterday, nearly 2,000 young archers gathered to compete in Ohmato Taikai. All were born between April 1, 1994 and March 31, 1995.

Ancient Indian Flying Machines: Better and Earlier Than Ours

Transport, Frontiers, Time

Ancient India's 200-foot-long "jumbo planes" could fly not only forwards, backwards and sideways, but from planet to planet.