The World’s Last Tuna

Apocalypse, The Sea, Going to the Market

96% percent of the bluefin population has vanished, thanks to Tokyo's high-profile annual auction and a global tuna black-market.

India’s Harvey Milk

Protest, Status Symbols, Get a Job

Meet the 35-year-old Dalit transwoman who has just been elected mayor in India's industrial town of Raigarh.

Anywhere but here


@OnMarsFirst is the real-time report of DIY space adventurer Evghenia, who built her interstellar rocket from spare car parts. “now alone on mars," she writes. "humans is like cute talking space rocks far far away.”


Back to Earth, Venice, Death

Less than two miles from Venice is Poveglia, an island associated exclusively with madness, horror, and restless souls.

Rock the Boat

Transport, The Sea, Frontiers

"You bleed from your ears and nose, and you have to spend a week lying down because of the dizziness. After that you can dive without pain."



Thirty-two teams. One golden trophy. This summer, an elite selection of extraordinary footballers finally comes together to play the most beautiful game on earth in COLORS #90 – Football.