File Sharing the Gospel


Can copying and pasting be religious acts? For the online file-sharing movement Kopimi (“copy me”), CTRL+C and CTRL+V are sacred symbols. Serious or not, the organization has been recognized as an official religion in Sweden.



As the believers count down to the end of the world, some clever operators count up their cash.

Fair Feathers


Who says a dog is man’s only best friend? There is a whole world to discover at trade shows for fowl. And that's where the ‘animal photographer’ Santos Román found his latest victims.

Live From Quezon City


Since mid-October, Quezon City Jail inmates have been given access to a small computer lab where they can use Skype to have e-dalaw (electronic visits) with friends and family.

Guns For Goals

Fans, Sports

FIFA is reviewing a proposal to let people trade in guns for World Cup tickets.

The Mongolian Secret

Victims, Freedom of Speech, Extraordinary Fashion

On a clear night in the Mongolian steppe, a few kilometers from Ulan Bator, an impromptu party takes place in a small house. A group of brave and self-assured transsexuals drink late into the night, dressed as if it were New Year's Eve.