I Loved You, Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things

Freedom of Speech

I read this morning that Kim Jong-Il had died, and the news filled me with terrible sadness. Not because I have any affection whatsoever for North Korea's Dear Leader, but because his passing marks the death of my favourite internet blog.

Appetite for Deconstruction


The Nantoka (Anonymous) Bar has become something of an institution for Tokyo's anti-nuke activists and fringe protest groups.

Baby Fever

It's a baby!

Fake pregnant bellies are all the rage in China. And that's the least disturbing fact we could find on baby mania.

Phreak World


Today, we are all phreakers. If you spin a globe and place your finger on it at random, odds are that you've just pinpointed a city or country whose citizens are obsessed with not only mobile phones, but the manipulation and customization of those phones.

Snobs On Wheels


In a war between gas-guzzling SUV drivers and friendly neighborhood bicycle commuters it's pretty clear whose side the general population would take. But throw in a few thousand hipsters riding customised flash bikes in their little sister's jeans, and the results might not be the same.

The Future is Fake


News of knock-off Chinese goods showing up in Western markets is nothing new, but the fact that American soldiers have been utilizing weapons patched together with bootleg electronics is a profound revelation.