Zambia goes to Mars

Star City

A space suit with tribal markings, a tame elephant, a mummified alien. As though ticking off a shopping list, photographer Cristina de Middel collected the graphic elements she needed for her new project, about Zambia's mysterious space program?


Welcome to Vörland

In yet another instance of life imitating cartoons, Mongolia is proposing to fight global warming with a giant shield of ice.

Tahrir Microeconomy

War, Shopping

Is Cairo in flames yet? For those watching the November revolution on TV, this city can seem littered with thrown rocks and empty shells. But the majority of Cairenes are doing what majorities usually do: tending shop, going to school, driving taxis, baking bread, waiting for news.

How to hold back the tears in Tahrir Square


"The people/ want/ the old teargas!"

Dinner for one


Yakiniku, a Japanese dish where meat is eaten as it is cooked on a grill, typically makes for an enjoyable night out with friends and family. But what to do if you don’t have anyone to eat with? Or if for whatever reason you wish to eat yakiniku alone? Sitting down by your lonesome in a restaurant packed with lively groups of chattering revelers might prove embarrassing, depressing or worse.

What Tahrir says


There are two kinds of history. History with a capital "H" is written with fancy pens in fancy palaces, by kings, generals and politicians. But it's the other kind of history, history with a lower case "h", that is the sum of the individual stories of students, bakers, the unemployed, hairdressers, factory workers and anyone you might find on the streets outside those palaces. Sometimes these two…