Freedom of Speech

It is an often quoted statement that the Eskimos have 40 words for snow, perhaps because it is an important part of their lives. Without making any rude allegations, I’d just like to state that the Pakistani government has 51 forms of the word ‘ass’.

The words are part of a detailed list of 1700 words that the Pakistani government has sent to the country’s telecom operators , stating that all text…

The Post-Economy Economy


I'm writing to you from a curb across the street from a discount hostel in Tokyo. I'm not staying at the hostel, but its WiFi isn't password protected, so I'm taking advantage of their lax security as I don't have the necessary credentials required to access the majority of the city's telco-administered hotspots. A twentysomething Aussie backpacker has just finished sweeping up a pile of cigarette…



For centuries, tribes of magicians and performers wandered all over India, living the fabled life and exchanging stories for food. Then, fifty years ago, they found a piece of abandoned land in West Delhi and decided to settle there. Over the years, other performers heard about the settlement and decided to move in, making Katputli Colony (Puppet Colony) an eclectic slum packed with acrobats, street…

Anything For A Story

Get a Job

We Colors writers are a dedicated bunch who like to think we work really hard on our research. In the name of journalism, we've undertaken all sorts of crazy adventures, from expeditions in the sewers of Barcelona to anti-terrorist workshops. But Australian journalist Simon Eroro just created a new benchmark that we hope will never be surpassed.

Eroro who works for News Limited, was researching a…

Out Of Touch


Pretend that you have a whimsical but embarrassing problem, an unnatural love for stuffed animals for instance, and you want to find out if it's really that strange. Or pretend that you feel like having your annual 'Who are we and why are we here?' philosophical discussion on your rooftop after a few beers. Now scroll through your phonebook. How many of your friends would you consider calling?


Steve’s bike


The day Steve Jobs died most of the world started mourning him as if he had been the benevolent uncle whose jokes are going to be missed at family dinners. It’s odd, considering that, as the chief of one of the world’s biggest corporations, he has shaped our desires, deciding what we were going to want and when we were going to want it, for almost thirty years, and for his own economical benefit. As…