Gladiator Gangbust


Valiant but violent, gladiatorial combat saw its decline during the third century. Or did it? The Guardian reports there have been modern gladiator matches in Rome: undercover forces recently arrested 30 centurion impersonators that had been preying on unsuspecting tourists. Located around sites like the Colosseum and the Vatican, the group had been forcing visitors to hand over as much as 30 euros…

How will we move, Bruce?


We met futurologist and writer Bruce Sterling back in 2008, when he came to Treviso to chat with us about generative arts. The reason why we are enchanted by sea waves, he explained, is because the pattern they follow in coming and going is almost the same but always different. Also human beings come and go all the time. But which patterns do they follow? When the time came to find an answer to this question…

A Slum With A View


When you picture a slum, the first things that come to mind are images of filth, squalor and snotty-nosed children abandoned on the streets. You think of guns and dubious transactions behind closed, stained doors. When you picture South America’s fourth tallest building, you instantly think of a glass-and-steel monolith, buzzing with suit-clad bankers clutching half-filled cups of coffee. And yet,…

How will we move, Carlo?


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations states that the amount of food thrown in the trash every day is more than 1.3 billion tons worldwide. The idea that food can be easily transported, even globally, is the main cause for this waste, but more generally it’s the concept that food can be treated like any other tradable good. This is what Carlo Petrini, the founder of the international…

L’Hair Du Temps


The value of a good hair day may vary for each person, but it appears one is willing to pay an ever-rising amount: the wholesale price of hair has grown exponentially in the past decade.

The Legitimate Demands of the 25th of January Revolution

Freedom of Speech

Hosni Mubarak's lawyer claims that the ex-leader died in 2004 and has been replaced by an imposter.