Larger than life

Football, Looking at Art, Death

Graffiti obituaries are becoming common features in Serbian urban landscapes, mapping out cities and neighborhoods according to affiliations to football clubs.

The Escape Archives

Photo Studio, War

When Congolese government troops fled the town of Bunagana in 2012, they left behind their personal photos. Photographer Michele Sibiloni was there to collect them.

Gifts to Hell

Death, Gifts for the Family

To honor the dead, burn paper replicas of luxury goods from Wi-Fi routers to race cars.

The Trans-Mediterranean Overload

Transport, Frontiers, Going to the Market

Hundreds of Tunisians have returned to the ancient trade of buying and selling across the Mediterranean.

Argentina’s City of Children

Transport, Teenagers, Home

La República de los Niños is a children’s theme park that represents the entire workings of a democratic city.

The men who sleep on books

Moving House, While You Sleep, Home

Once night falls in Kolkata, colorful bookstalls turn into a refuge for homeless migrants.