A Mouthful Of Crazy

Shopping For The Body

Normally, a story about cosmetic surgery and implants would imply that it’s a slow news day. Stories about 12 year olds getting nose jobs have lost their shock value, and so many people are getting plastic surgery to look like various supermodels and superheroes, that it’s really not worth writing about anymore. But there is good news: we might have just come full circle. In Japan, which is arguably miles ahead of us in fashion insanity, the newest fad is implants that make your teeth look worse.

Apparently, so many Japanese people have near-perfect teeth that smiles that are worthy of a toothpaste commercial are actually considered a tad boring. And girls with slightly wonky teeth or Yaeba are considered both cute and more approachable. So when a salon in Ginza, Tokyo decided to cash in with their procedures for ‘imperfect teeth’ implants, they started a fashion rage.

The teeth extensions are made of plastic, and are attached with a non-permanent adhesive. The procedure is quick and painless, and in only a few minutes, you can smile the special wonky grin of a person who just spent the average Zimbabwean’s annual income to ruin their smile.


Image courtesy Dental Salon Plasir