After the Hurricane


“Make no mistake about it, this was a devastating storm, maybe the worst that we have ever experienced."

"The most recent report has approximately three-quarters of a million New Yorkers without power."

“Public transportation remains closed. There is no firm timeline for the reactivation of bus or train service."

“All major airports serving the metro area are closed today. Runways are flooded and there are no flights leaving or arriving."

“NYU- Downtown [Hospital] and the Manhattan Veterans’ Affairs Hospitals were closed. NYU Langone [Hospital] also had to be evacuated overnight...Coney Island Hospital has been evacuated."

“We expected an unprecedented storm impact here in New York City, and that’s what we got. So while the worst of the storm has passed, conditions are still dangerous. I just can’t stress that enough."


Excerpts from a press release by New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday, 1:30 PM EST.


Images: Emily Hall Smith, Brooklyn, NY