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We Colors writers are a dedicated bunch who like to think we work really hard on our research. In the name of journalism, we've undertaken all sorts of crazy adventures, from expeditions in the sewers of Barcelona to anti-terrorist workshops. But Australian journalist Simon Eroro just created a new benchmark that we hope will never be surpassed.

Eroro who works for News Limited, was researching a story that required him to spend days crossing forests and rivers in Papua New Guinea until he found a group of militants. But to his horror, they declared that they would speak to him only after he had been circumcised in the traditional way - with a bamboo stick. Stuck between an ancient ritual and a long walk home, he agreed and went through with the ceremony, the details of which have thankfully not been made public. 

The good news is that he has just won a prize for the article he was researching. The bad news is that it's the annual in-house award from his own company. And the worst, most heartbreaking news? The article was on the cross-border movements of Free West Papua militants from Indonesia to Papua New Guinea. Here's hoping that at least sixteen people in the world will read it and make his noble sacrifice worthwhile.