Baby Fever

It's a baby!

There's something about babies that makes rational people act a little twisted. And while the sight of a burly man talking in babytones can veer on annoying, there's often a darker mania lurking somewhere.

On the not-really-scandalous end of the spectrum is the Mommy Tummy suit - a custom strap on belly for men, so that they can experience birthing just the way their partner would. Designed by a Japanese company, it's far more evolved than the bag of flour students used to carry around in the seventies. As soon as the suit is put on, the belly starts to fill with water, and the breasts start to fill with some other fluid that I hope is not milk. Kicking it up a notch is the Chinese strap on belly, usually used by actors, women who want to practice being pregnant, and people who want to get a seat on the bus.

The 'heartbreakingly sad if it wasn't so creepy' section consists of various kinds of Reborn Dolls. These $4000 breathing, lifelike dolls seem like a pretty harmless indulgence for women wanting a baby. Until you see a grown woman trying to breastfeed it at the supermarket.

But the only thing freakier than people pretending to be mothers, is people pretending to be babies. Like Stanley Thorton, a 29 year old man who lives his life like a baby. He spends his days in a crib, wearing diapers, sucking on a pacifier, playing with toys, and appearing in the nightmares of bloggers who dare to write about him.