Beware the Raisin


Dried fruit is now on the blacklist in Beijing.

This week, China Central Television reported discovering dangerously high amounts of additives in common snacks foods like dried peaches and plums. The chemicals -sweeteners, food coloring and bleaches-  poison your liver and kidneys. The fruits had been also processed in small factories and family workshops described as "extremely filthy".


China's microbloggers are unflapped:

@劉寧_Linda: The truth tells us that, to live longer, we should not always eat the same thing, or someday what you always eat might contain carcinogens and you might die before the problems are exposed.

@kiziZZZZ: Now each time when I eat outside or have snacks, I cannot help imagining that I am eating chemicals, and gutter oil, and various filthy pictures fill my mind. And yet with a sigh, I continue to eat.

@xcrest: People should not eat too many fruit preserves, even if the qualified ones, as they are still preserved with many preservatives, sweeteners, and food colors. It's junk food.

@fishfairy: Now I know why my intestines and stomach are so strong. When my friends ate dirty food and became sick, I was always ok. It turns out that these snacks I have liked since childhood have made my intestines and stomach very strong.


NB. In 2007, China executed its head of State Food and Drug Administration, Zheng Xiaoyu.




Text: Caitlin Hu