Black Trees

Teenagers, Back to Earth

She says she stumbled across a group of Goths stranded up a tree during a walk through the musty Tasmanian rain forest while sipping Swiss absinthe, listening to Bauhaus and reading Baudelaire.02Her story continues: The Goths had been chased up a tree by a ferocious Tasmanian Devil that was hungry for anemic, vitamin-D deficient blood and they had been up there for hours, starved of alcohol, network connectivity and clove cigarettes. They pleaded for her help, as a fellow Goth, and perhaps the use of her eyeliner for touch ups. She snapped a photo for posterity.03Verity is the author of the blog “Goths Up Trees”, a self-indulgent but creepily addictive series of Goths in trees. The submissions here are mixed; some photos were taken specifically for the blog, and others taken without knowledge of the website- just Goths doing their thing. The most representative of the whole may be this one because, as Verity explains, " it's obvious they had fun with the shot and put a lot of effort in specifically to get it posted. That's just awesome”.01It is impossible to deny the power of a dark anguished teenager perched on the edge of a dry branch. This is the pop version of an old icon- the symbolic weight of trees has always been used by romantic writers, painters and even filmmakers. And now, by angsty Internet Goths.

Giovanni Segantini