The Bolivarian Stencil

Freedom of Speech

Of all the Chavez-related street art out there, these and only these are the officially sanctioned stencils by the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, or PSUV. In 2010, the party's Commission for Propaganda and Agitation selected them for your use and enjoyment, and they read: “Those who seek revolution, come with me.”

The stencils are packaged with a PDF guide that begins, ”Not having the money to buy space for TV advertising, billboards, building-covers or bus panels doesn’t mean we should give up the natural right to express ourselves.”

It continues: “Public spaces should spread messages in the public interest, instead of being reserved by big capitals to generate absurd needs directed to fill out their pockets”

And of course, the guide provides instructions on how to print and spray the stencil and how to add the different colors that bring Chavez's tracksuit to life. It recommends a minimum of three participants in the stenciling process: one to hold the stencil, another to spray, and a third to keep an eye on the surroundings (in case you happen to be using the stencil out out of sanctioned electoral periods or without the approval of your municipality).