Chito and Pocho

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Pets are a very important part of people’s lives. In Latin America, besides dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, snakes, capybaras and birds, the most unusual creatures can be the most loyal companions.

South America's wild nature is tamed by the charm of the people living here. There are stories of Colombians, Venezuelans and Argentines who manage to overcome local fauna's killer instincts, turning wild animals into teddy bears and playmates; neutralizing claws and teeth so that they would never cause damage, and forming brotherly bonds in their places.

But until now, there has never been a bond so strange, dangerous and picturesque: ladies and gentlemen, I present Chito and Pocho.

Chito is a typical gentleman from the rural regions of Costa Rica. With dark skin, deep eyes, a wide smile, a good knowledge of nature and a big heart, Chito respects and admires all creatures he comes across.

Pocho, meanwhile, is a typical crocodile from the tropical regions of South and Central America. Pocho is 490 kilograms of bone and muscle, with a snout so wide and strong that it could easily shatter a human torso in seconds.

Chito and Pocho are best friends and their story is one of love and fidelity. Twenty years ago, Chito found the crocodile beside the road with a gunshot in its eye. He soothed and stayed with it until it recovered. Then, when Chito tried to release the reptile back into the wild, it stayed close. The ties between man and crocodile strengthened so deeply that today Chito and Pocho swim together.

Chito speaks to the impressive crocodile in the same way that you might talk to your cat or dog. And, like a dog, Pocho responds to Chito’s calls. Both immerse themselves in the water and swim one on top of the other. Chito tickles Pocho’s belly as if it were a poodle, and the big crocodile wriggles in playful response. Their relationship is so close that together they make money amusing tourists.

This is the happy story of a man and his gigantic pet crocodile. This is the story of a deep friendship between Chito and Pocho, a friendship that lasted until the day Pocho died from old age, leaving Chito broken-hearted.