COLORS 88 – Protest


Dear readers,

Over the past three years, people in more than 80 countries across the world have taken to the streets to protest their governments. But only in six did governments fall. 

Starting today, find out how protests start, spread, fail and sometimes become revolutions with COLORS’ newest issue: 88 - Protest. From South Korea's anti-uprising volunteer corps to female drivers in Saudi Arabia; from Mexico's labor rights superheroes to fully-armed guns rights demonstrators in the United States; from the pigs left to roam the main square of Nairobi, Kenya, to Palestinians dressing like blue aliens from Hollywood film Avatar, we've interviewed, photographed, and illustrated popular uprising across the world. Plus: Occupy, Tahrir, sextremists and a series of illustrated DIY protest techniques and strategies: how to use a mattress as a shield, chain yourself to a tree, and hold your breath until it’s all over.

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We hope you enjoy it,

COLORS' Editorial Team