Dirty Chongqing

Beijing, Lust

Hand wedged in pants? Check. Still wearing official uniform? Check. Mostly-naked young woman? Check. It's business as usual in Chongqing, China, where yet another city official has joined the apparently endless parade of sex scandals. This time, the viral images are of Wu Hong, an employee in the city’s Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau.

Since the Bo Xilai scandal, Chongqing seems destined to become China’s capital of corruption. Last month, a video posted by journalist Zhu Ruifeng went viral, showing party official Lei Zhengfu, 57, having sex with an 18-year-old girl. But this was no accidental or fetish footage; a property developer looking to cut a deal had trained and paid the young woman 300 yuan ($48) for each night she spent with Lei Zhengfu.

The same developer has funded and produced a few such tapes, getting young women who failed to obtain usable material the first time around (meaning capturing the faces of officials) to repeatedly prostitute themselves until they did.

No more honorable on the other side of the law, Chongqing’s police chief at the time, Wang Lijun, confiscated the developer’s tapes and threw him in jail to protect Lei Zhengfu and to prevent further blackmail.

So even though the videos were recorded around 5 years ago, it is only now that they have been posted, uncensored, on the internet. Zhu sees the leak as a sign of new transparency in China’s government: "Possibly what we are seeing is that the new leaders are perhaps taking steps toward enforcing the constitution, a sliver of a new dawn."

Ready your eyes for the worst.  Zhu plans to release more tapes, soon.