Fifteen Markets

Going to the Market

This winter, Colors launches its 85th edition, Going to Market. To mark the occasion, Colors ran a photo competition with EyeEm, promising the top 15 photographers a feature on the ColorsBLOG and a Colors "Survival Guide" notebook.

Out of 748 smartphone photos submitted which capture the color, atmosphere, people and objects, strange and sublime alike, from markets in 251 locations around the world, here are our favorites.



Vansalaman"Going to market" by vansalaman


Psyca"Going to market in Lisbon" by Psyca



"Going to market in Tokyo" by underflo


Ivan tam"Going to market" by Ivan Tam


Alexandria"Going to market" in Alexandria by Jen Pollack Bianco


Theresa"Going to market" at Olvera Street by Theresa Solis @LAfromaniphone


Norminha"Going to market in São Paulo" by norminha_me 


Fannydragon"Going to market" by FannyDragon


Lolojkt"Going to market" by Lolo Jkt


Kevin"Going to market at Maine Avenue Fish Market" by kevin


Darko"Going to market in Zagreb – Centar" by Darko


Susan myers"Going to market" by Susan Myers



"Going to market" by Kaaren


Alan don jones"Going to market at Flohmarkt am Mauerpark" by Alan Don Jones


Filothei"Going to market at the island of Crete" by Filothei