It all began with bacon flavoured salt.

Started in 2007 by two bacon lovers (who now call themselves bacontrepreneurs) and financed by a $5000 prize on America's Funniest Home Videos, the company Bacon Salt tried to let people add a little bit of bacon flavoured goodness to everything they ate. Since then, an army of geeks and bacon lovers have created enough bacon-inspired products to stock a whole supermarket. A supermarket that smells like Sunday morning. 

Bacon-toothpaste 9225-l


On the sane end of the spectrum, we have inventors who have managed to restrict themselves to things that are somewhat food related - bacon mints, which give you the seductive breath of someone who's just had a thick slice of bacon, bacon lollipops for bacon lovers too young to chew, and bacon air fresheners, because that's kind of obvious, really.



But that's where the sanity ends. The rest of the products read like a glorious list of love. Bacon flavoured dinner jacket. Bacon iphone case. DIY Bacon soap. Bacon magnetic poetry that 'speaks in sizzles and pops'. Even a web 'baconizer' that can add a strip of bacon to any webpage.


Five years later, the trend shows no signs of slowing down, and chefs and nosy bloggers are trying to analyse the reason behind the popularity. Some say that the trend might be an offshoot of the larger movement towards eating local, as pigs can be raised almost anywhere. Other point out the fact that bacon is the one meat that most vegetarians struggle to give up. Another theory is that it's the snack of choice for meat lovers with absolutely no cooking skills.

All reasonably good explanations for why people buy more bacon than ever before - but not for why they are paying for it with a bacon printed wallet.



Images: Awkward Family Photos, Neatorama, McPhee