From Colombia with love

Transport, Happiness, The Road

On August 7th of 2012, Colombians celebrated the 193-year-anniversary of a battle that freed this nation from the Spanish empire. One hundred and ninety-three years ago in the fields of Boyacá, a beautiful region very close to the Colombia's capital, Bogota, the country's heroes dealt the final blow to chapetones  (Spanish troops) and handed independence to the criollo people.

Contemporary Colombia is a country of apparent contradictions. Some surveys name Colombia as one of the most dangerous places in the world, while other polls suggest that that we are simply the happiest people. Who to believe? Do you have your own ideas about the country? Have you ever visited Colombia? Have you ever met a Colombian? No?

Well, with a heart swelled with love for my country, I want to introduce a series of photographs taken from various Facebook groups selected under the category of "transport" that reveals a little how Colombians are and what they are capable of.  A tribute to a strong, cheerful, and creative land.

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