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An iron becomes a grill; a chain and a padlock evolve into a car's security system; a piece of newspaper and a pair of glasses transform into a welding mask. In Brazil, ordinary people have become hackers, necromancers that breathe a second life into devices, tools and objects that had been thought finished or complete. The repair culture of Gambiarra is a way of appropriating your environment, screwing and unscrewing different objects, to create Frankensteinish solutions for daily problems. 

Artists' collective Gambiología explores and documents these technological hybrids, screaming !It's alive! everytime they find or build a new machine at the intersection of technology and art. "We've had enough of that Apple-style clean aesthetic", warns artist Fred Paulino. "We have had enough of recently-launched electronics, that's why we love working and playing with recycled materials, remixing, and why not reproposing the notions of old and new."