Have a Brain Orgasm


There are many ways to bring on a brain orgasm: crinkling plastic, tapping fingernails, folding paper, soft whispering and direct personal attention are some of the most common triggers. Many people experience one for the first time while receiving a haircut.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR, describes a pleasant tingling sensation originating in the head, neck and spine. To the millions of people who experience it regularly, this sensation is known as a brain orgasm.

ASMR went undefined for many years. The term was first coined in 2010 by the creator of the ASMR Facebook group, Jennifer Allen. There is yet no official way of measuring the experience, and it remains a mystery to the scientific community. Not everyone can experience ASMR, and those who do often don’t realize it has a name. Once people identify the condition in themselves, many of them join the growing community online.

A quick Youtube search will produce hundreds of videos meant to trigger the response. These videos include role-playing, direct address to camera, sound explorations and soft lighting.  They might seem strange to those who do not experience the phenomenon, but if you want to find out whether your brain is capable of achieving an orgasm, you might start by showing it a sexy video.

Brain-stimulating Videos:
Role Play
pening a Package
apping and Scratching
uzzle Pieces


Blog post courtesy of Erin Swanson