Is it a bird? A plane?

Best Wishes

Eric Martin, a 13 year old boy from Seattle was whiling away the morning when he got an urgent phonecall from Spiderman. The Seattle Sounders, the city’s soccer team was being kept hostage by supervillans Dr. Dark and Blackout Boy, and only Electron Boy could save them. 

Like a true superhero, Eric ran out, changed into his Electron Boy costume (in a phone booth, we presume) and hitched a ride with Moonshine Maid in her sportscar. Because it was a mission of extreme importance, the two got a full police escort, over roads that had been closed down for the rescue.

What followed was an afternoon of high drama. Electron Boy reached the locker room at Quest Field and set the team free with his Lightning Rod. But while the soccer stars were thanking him, the Supervillians managed to escape. He had to chase them to the top of the Space Needle, after stopping to rescue a man stuck in his truck, where he rounded them up and handed them over to the cops, just in time for a grand victory parade.

What makes it different from your average crime caper is that Eric was a 14 year old boy with a rare form of cancer, and his last wish was to be a superhero. So the Make-A-Wish foundation, instead of giving him a lame Halloween costume, orchestrated a complex setup that included hundreds of volunteers, the Seattle police force, local celebrities and whoever is in charge of shutting down roads – so that Eric could be a superhero for a day.

Eric, who passed away this week, has been inducted into the Superhero Academy, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, into the list of organizations I will be giving my money to.