Fair Feathers


Who says a dog is man’s only best friend?
There is a whole world to discover at trade shows for fowl. And that's where the ‘animal photographer’ Santos Román found his latest victims. Making a parallel between the majestic chickens and fashion show specimens, Román defines his project as a criticism of the beauty obsessed. ‘I’ve got feathers’ is characterized by creative visual tricks of classic fashion photography and a sharp kitsch irony that surrounds each shot.

The photographer also aims to demonstrate that there are many animals that go unnoticed despite being very close to us–even on our plates every day. In the case of the chickens, many people told him that they would never thought that such an animal could give so much game. ('They seem so silly!')

Santosroman 02

Recreating a set in the middle of the countryside with the help of two top assistants (the owner of the birds and their daughter), the photographer spared no expense of equipment or lighting to get the most out of the models. ‘I would even say that they gave me model profiles as people do,' says the photographer smiling. ‘The difference between them and humans though is that they do not require you to do anything or ask to see how they appear in the shots,' he adds. Self-defined as an animal portrait photographer (but also a meat lover), Román says his shyness combined with his passion for animals led him away from the human portrait toward this curious specialization.

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Santos Román
Santos Román defines himself as a ’portrait animal’ interested in the relationships between animals and people. Defending the natural world that is so often punished, his work revolves around the universal maxim that we are not aware of what we have until we lose it. Though Santos’s portraits are commissioned by individuals or for advertisements, they have also been exhibited in the art world, shown in galleries such as Gallery setb in Barcelona and Madrid’s Standarte Gallery. His photographs have also crossed the pond and were featured in the Affordable Art Fair in New York. His next exhibition will take place in February this year Addaya Contemporary Art Centre of Mallorca.