Living on Light


One would think that when the world didn't go belly-up on December 21, 2012, the doomsday and survialist cults would be silenced forever. Or at least for a few months while they figured out pressworthy answers for the failures of their prophecies. However, most of them have simply extended their deadlines. Amongst them are The Breatharians, a cult who claim to survive on air and light alone.

In the United States of America, breatharianism is preached by Wiley Brooks who shot to fame on the TV show That's Incredible! where he claimed not to have eaten for the past 30 years and proceeded to lift 10 times his body weight. Apparently, Brooks sleeps between 1 and 7 hours a week, and spends his time prepping people for "Earth Prime," a new version of our planet. And of course, buying hot dogs, a slurpees and Twinkies, as he was photographed doing in 1983.

As eccentric as he might seem, Brooks isn't the most extreme breatharian in the world. An Australian woman going by the name Jasmuheen claims to survive on nothing but cups of tea and fresh air. Apparently, her DNA has expanded from 2 to 12 strands so that it can carry more hydrogen. After the deaths of several followers, US TV show 60 Minutes monitored Jasmuheen for a week to prove her claims, but she seemed critically ill after four days and had to be fed. Like all good breatharians, she blames the failure on unclean air.

Image: Jasmuheen via