Much to learn you still have… My old Padawan

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This story doesn’t take place in Coruscant, Endor, Naboo, Tatooine, or any of the planets affiliated with the Galactic Republic. This story happens in Quilpué, a Chilean commune of 150,000 people, east of Valparaiso.

Here, a character in his late forties named William Berrueta has decided, with the permission of Master Yoda and The Council, to create his own Jedi school. A piece of land within the Chilean territory where Padawans may be trained to defend this land from dark forces. His Star Wars school is the first in South America, and the second in the world after a Jedi training camp in New York, USA.

May the force be with you!

With these words, Berrueta greets many of the children and young apprentices who attend his school: “The Jedi Temple.” Master William is a big fan of deep space sagas and an expert in martial arts like taekwondo. Becoming a Jedi under his eye is not an easy process:

First, you need to learn to control the mind and emotions. Then you must struggle to learn control over a light saber.

Berrueta teaches yoga in order to introduce his Padawan apprentices to the world of meditation, and he says that his relaxation techniques help children concentrate. After the exercises for the mind, in which many children nevertheless get distracted and lose interest, comes the other part, the one that kids really enjoy: the struggle, the physical contact, the swordplay.

Dressed in the beige and brown robes typical of padawans and masters in George Lucas’ Jedi saga, these Chilean kids wait for the day that they, like Master William, a normal character and average Latino, will become becomes followers of the light side of the Force and evolve into Jedi.

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