Freedom of Speech

It is an often quoted statement that the Eskimos have 40 words for snow, perhaps because it is an important part of their lives. Without making any rude allegations, I’d just like to state that the Pakistani government has 51 forms of the word ‘ass’.

The words are part of a detailed list of 1700 words that the Pakistani government has sent to the country’s telecom operators , stating that all text messages including the words must be blocked. A close scrutiny of the list reveals that it has 17 variants for the word ‘tit’, 33 for ‘cock’ and another 17 that involve the human butt. The other shocking words that will no longer taint the Pakistani youth include ‘idiot’ , ‘deposit’, ‘uterus’ and ‘gay’.

Critics are mocking the Pakistani government for showing far more enthusiasm for fighting bad manners than for fighting the extremists who have made the country their home base. But there’s another little problem that seems to have slipped their notice.

The Pakistani government has inadvertently created a list of every rude word in their country, including over 500 in Urdu, which is a particularly colourful language. It’s essentially a dictionary of every obscene word you’ve ever wanted to know. I’m sure 15 year old boys all over the country are turning cartwheels with joy.


Image: ArtformCanada via Creative Commons