Out Now! Colors #84- Apocalypse


There are many who say the apocalypse isn't coming in 2012, that the Mayan calendar was wrong. But if they go on to explain that the world is doing fine, that petroleum will last forever and that the no force on earth can halt civilization, they are wrong.

The Apocalypse is already in course. Our world is the hottest it has ever been, and global temperatures will rise 4x what they already have, within the next century. While ducking all the typical apocalyptic hazards of flaming meteorites, alien invasion and nuclear catastrophe, mankind will also face unprecedented floods and fire, droughts, hurricanes, toxic dust storms, air unfit to breathe and seas too poisonous for life. Even the earth will shake. So how will you survive?

Colors #84- Apocalypse is the fourth in Colors’ Survival Guides series. It maps the environmental collapse to come and, as the Colors Survival Guides do, it tells the stories of ingenious and eccentric survivors: those men among us who have refused to abandon their homes in a nuclear dead-zone, who are already making their own glaciers, who spend their leisure time stocking underground bunkers and developing new social systems for the next era of civilization.

If you’re not already among the survival-minded, use issue #84 as a prepper’s primer. The magazine’s illustrated DIYs explain how to sharpen your post-apocalyptic skills, from building a nuclear reactor to eating the right kind of trash.

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