Out Of Touch


Pretend that you have a whimsical but embarrassing problem, an unnatural love for stuffed animals for instance, and you want to find out if it's really that strange. Or pretend that you feel like having your annual 'Who are we and why are we here?' philosophical discussion on your rooftop after a few beers. Now scroll through your phonebook. How many of your friends would you consider calling?

If you answered 'Two', you've just been classified as the average American. A recent study that asked people how many friends they'd had 'Important Conversations' with over the past six months, reported that the average respondent has 2.04 friends that they can confide in. Compare that to the 120 friends the average person has on Facebook, exclusively meant for more bubble gum conversations and vacation status updates.

But it's not time to start panicking or un-friending your roommate's third cousin - the numbers are actually positive. Studies from the 80s predicted that America's Social Isolation would have tripled by 2011. Instead, it has just reached the point where we communicate with Like buttons.

Image: Stefan Cosma for COLORS 44 - Choi Hung Estate