Photo Studio

In the world of photo memes, Planking is old news. It started as a photo challenge in Australia, where people had to take a picture of themselves lying face-down in the most dangerous location possible. Like all things ridiculous, it spread rapidly, with millions of young people scurrying up poles, cupboards and monuments to capture their fifteen seconds of fame. But endorsement by celebrities like Jay-Z and the Prime Minister of New Zealand, coupled by police and PTA warnings made the fad suddenly uncool. And since then, new internet memes have been battling it out to replace planking.

The first on the scene was Owling - the act of perching like an owl on any available surface - but it just didn't catch on. Next up - and my personal favorite - was Batmanning, in which people must hang upside down, suspended by their feet. To the relief of ER workers worldwide, that didn't really catch on either. Instead, it was followed by Horsemanning - two people posing so that they seem like a single body with a detached head, like the Headless Horseman from countless ghost stories.

The newest on on the block, and the one that shows the most promise is Stocking. The process is simple and gloriously ridiculous. Find an over-the-top stock image, recreate it, and place the two side by side. It seems to be catching on, with many websites claiming that it is the new Planking.  For this month, at least!