São Paulo – A Survival Kit

A Town

With almost 20 million inhabitants, greater São Paulo is the fourth most populous urban area in the world after Tokyo, Seoul and Mexico City. It makes up 15% of the entire GDP of South America. Its citizens spend on average eight years of their lives travelling from home to work to home again — a favela for one out of ten of them.

When we first arrived in São Paulo to run a workshop organized by Mesa e Cadeira, we thought that what was most relevant to life in the city was a guide on how to survive the city itself. So we decided to make one. For six days we worked with 15 inspiring and dedicated local professionals to produce an alternative survival kit to São Paulo. We took portrait shots in the streets, collected statistics about the city and asked passers-by to give us an insight on what and what not to do.

The final results are pictured here. Among the many things included is a prayer that will make you rich, a husband women can rent to solve their problems and a neighborhood so wealthy that it has more heliports than bus stops.

Thanks again to Mesa e Cadeira and the participants of the workshop who made this possible.