Shanghai Calling

Freedom of Speech

Last month, Colors Creative Director Patrick Waterhouse presented an exhibition of our Survival Guides series, Happiness and Other Survival Techniques at the Design Museum in London. Two weeks ago, the Survival Guides moved to Florence, Italy, and Patrick with them.

Since our offices are based in Treviso, Italy, we thought that Patrick would finally end up back in the office. But Colors is growing and Pat is in hot demand. Now he's been called to the other side of the world.

This Sunday, Patrick will speak at Tedx Shanghai, China. He'll be discussing Colors Magazine, as well as the Survival Guides concept and series. The Tedx conference theme is "I am Chinese". Patrick is not, in fact, Chinese. But starting from #83- Happiness, Colors Magazine is now printed in a bilingual English-Chinese edition, in complement to our Spanish, French, Italian and Korean editions.

Those abroad can tune into the live stream.

Tedx Shanghai
May 20, 2012
Shanghai Concert Hall
Yan An Lu 523
Shanghai, China



Colors london opening mg 0059

Opening night of "Happiness and Other Survival Techniques" at the Design Museum London. Photographer: Mauro Bedoni