Located halfway between Sri Lanka and Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island doesn't seem to belong to any particular culture, yet seems to be influenced by all of them. The Island's population consists of French exiles and Chinese, Tamil and Arabic people whose ancestors were brought there to work in the plantations. Anywhere else in the world, the mix could have been a recipe for communal clashes. In Reunion, though, most of them worship the same saint, one who was created by a postal misunderstanding.

In the 18th century, the nuns on the island recieved a package containing holy figurines from the Vatican. The package was so weathered by the long journey that the papers describing the idols were destroyed in transit.  The only markings left were a postmark and the words 'SPEDITO' (Expedited Post) - thus giving the country its official Patron Saint - St. Expedit.

Thus began the cult of St Expedit, which has created over 350 shrines to him along the road. The Hindus on the island consider him a reincarnation of Vishnu, the Christians depict him in saintly robes, and the ones who dabble in darker religions try to use his help to cast spells. The Islanders believe he is all powerful, and make a pilgrimage to his shrine for everything - from wishing for a child to ask for help with an illness. 

Contrary to popular assumption, the saint does not specilise in helping paperwork and other processes to be expedited. That's the realm of another saint, St. Expeditus.