With every new piece of ‘talking without talking’ technology we adopt, the art of the break-up takes a new hit. Tears have been replaced by weepy emoticons and Dear John letters are now written by programs, but while most people draw the line at 140-character text messages, the Chinese have taken it one step further.
The newest trend to hit the dating scene in China is the outsourcing of breakups. Taobao, the Chinese version of ebay now has about 40 different ‘Break-up Agents’ advertising their services. For a price of about 300 yuan, they promise to do the dirty work for you.

Like all successful businesses, they offer a diverse range of plans. Chinese lovers can choose a regular package, where the break-up agent will break the news over phone or email, or a platinum package, where the agent will show up in person with a gift to help ease the pain. The truly desperate can even go off the menu and ask an agent to break another couple up. “It’s a 20 day package”, says an agent who prefers to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. “We create conflict in 10 days, propose a break up in 15 and complete the deal in 20.”

If that sounds to difficult to believe, don’t worry. All the agents offer a '100% satisfaction or money back' guarantee.


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