The best way to describe Rajnikanth, an actor from Chennai, is that he makes Chuck Norris look like a one-punch wonder. He's the man who can stop bullets with his brain, catch a thief with a soda bottle, and kill three men with one shot - all while getting the girl with a simple puff of his hairy chest. No wonder then, that he has 63,000 different fan clubs spread around the globe, all of which seem to be going to extreme lengths to show their devotion.

So while ordinary fans would stop at shrieking and fainting outside a movie's premier - Rajnikanth's fans call in the gods. When he steps onto the screen during any of his movies, it has become a ritual for the entire audience to rush towards the screen with sticks of lit camphor to send him good luck. At the release of his last movie, Endhiran The Robot, fans in Mumbai carried the original film reel of the movie to a temple in a procession for a special blessing, and ended the rituals with pouring 200 litres of milk on Rajnikant's poster. On his home turf, 1008 men shaved their heads at a temple when the actor was undergoing kidney surgery - sacrificing their hair in exchange for his good health. His fans in Karnataka have kicked it up a notch, and installed a shrine to him in a well known shiva temple.

With so much power and popularity, the man could easily be president. In fact, in 2008 a group of fans launched a political party in his name in an attempt to get him to run for office. Rajni was not amused and angrily denied links with them. The fans quickly backed down and dissolved the party. For as everyone knows, Rajni is not a man you'd like to see angry.


Image: Fans pour milk on a towering billboard of Rajnikanth. (Source)