The Accidental Hairdresser


This just in from the frontiers of medical science: rolling down a grassy knoll turns you gay. Twenty-seven year old Chris Birch has made headlines for switching sexuality after a gymnastics-induced stroke, according to the BBC.

Not only did the stroke ("a neurological insult", in his doctor's words) turn Birch onto men, it also seems to have radically changed his lifestyle. The BBC helpfully reports that Birch "used to be a 19-stone, beer-swilling, party-loving rugby fan" who "worked in a bank and loved sport and motorbikes". It sounds like a sensational dramatization of the differences between homo and hetero lifestyles, but wait, Birch himself has actually "swapped banking for hairdressing".

The "a-stroke-made-me-gay" line is basically the "dog-ate-my-homework" approach to coming out of the closet. But even if Birch is comfortable with fobbing off responsibility for his sexuality on a freak accident, does he really want future romances getting lumped in with weird other medical symptoms? Due to the stroke, Birch is now engaged to a man. He "has also noticed physical changes to his body, for instance when he is tired, his left eye droops".


Image credit: BBC