The Big Fat Tax


As two American ladies battle it out for the title of World’s Fattest Woman, and hot dog eating turns into a serious competitive sport – there is one country that is taking the obesity epidemic seriously.

Hungary has decided to introduce a ‘fat tax’ of 10 korint (0.37 Euros) on food with high fat, salt and sugar content, effective immediately. The logic behind the move is simple. According to Prime Minister Viktor Orban, "Those who live unhealthily have to contribute more." The country expects to collect over 70 million Euros in revenue, which it will use to offset state healthcare costs.

Many other European countries are either considering similar schemes or experimenting with subsidies on healthier food. Denmark has already begun to tax sodas, and has passed a law banning transfats, with Austria and Switzerland following suit as well.

Meanwhile the United States, with an obesity rate of 33.3%, more than double that of Europe continues with its flawed farming subsidy laws and brilliantly innovative diets.