Oh, shit


Did you know that soybean paste is the substance that, once inside a toilet, resembles the most to shit? TOTO scientists made this stunning discovery, after trying with apples, flat sponge, crumpled paper, golf balls and wiggly bits of plastic. TOTO is Japan’s biggest and oldest toilet manufacturer. Since 1980 it has sold 20 million hi-tech washlets to a nation of 160 million people. Some of them can measure blood sugar in urine, others can play music while you are defecating, others can even wash and dry your bottom after you’re finished.

If TOTO toilets and diarrhea songs make the Japanese one of the most sanitized people in the world, the same can't be said for 2.8 billion people in the world that don't have access to any form of latrine, toilet, bucket or box. These people often contract shit-related diseases, like diarrhea itself, that every year kills more people  than AIDS.

If we know all these things is because we are just in the middle of the research for Colors 82, which will revolve around shit and access to sanitation in different regions of the world.

DIY latrines, diarrhea outbreaks, golden toilets and sewage heroes: if you have any good story about the world’s grossest topic, then go the lab and share it with us. Otherwise wait for September, when the issue will come out.