The Last Fanatics


The Brokpa is one of hundreds of tribes that live around the mountains of Ladakh in India, none of which seem particularly Aryan-like in their colorful local customs. But the fact that they claim to have descended from Alexander's soldiers, together with the fact that the they live in isolatation and only marry among themselves, has led to the belief that they are the last surviving genetically Aryan community. Over the past few years, the tribe has been sought out by anthropologists, journalists and curious travellers. But every now and then, they are visited by young German women who come looking for 'pure aryan seed'.

The 2007 documentary The Aryan Saga follows a German woman and the man she paid to be the father of her child. The man, Tsewang Lhundup, smiles through an interview with the satisfaction of someone who has just been paid a large amount of money for a quick job. He seems to enjoy the fact that the women bring toys and chocolates for his children, and says that he has absolutely nothing to lose. The German woman, on the other hand, refuses to be named and claims that she was neither the first nor the last to travel half way across the world for an Aryan baby. She hints at an organised system which is already in place for facilitating 'pregnancy tourism' and says that she shouldn't be judged: “It’s not wrong, what I’m doing...I’m paying for what I want.”

If only it were that simple.


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