The Usual Suspects

Get a Job

Like most other casting directors in the world, Robert Weston has a fondness for alcohol, a vocabulary dripping with expletives, and a strict 'I never say no to money' policy. But that's where his resemblance to the chihuahua brigade ends. His job isn't to cast the next 'Ugly Girl Takes Her Glasses Off And Suddenly Becomes Beautiful' chick flick, but to cast police line ups in the Bronx. For every suspect that the New York Police pulls up, he must find four other decoys to fill the line-up.

Weston started on his unusual career 15 years ago, when a policeman interrupted his lunch to ask him to participate in a police line-up, and to bring his friends along. Soon enough, his reputation as a 'Line Up Filler' grew, until policemen passed his number around so that they could outsource line up casting, which was obviously proving to be less fun than tasering.

While Weston declares that he is a hard working man who has never failed to fill a line-up, the police complain that he sometimes doesn't understand the difference between Hispanic and African American, and casts them interchangeably.

But the police are willing to overlook this for the one trait that is most important to them. According to a seasoned detective, "He always picks up the phone."


Image: Office of the Bronx District Attorney