Trouble Fitting In


No one knows what to do with the corpse of Mohamed Merah, the French gunman who murdered seven people in France last week, including three children.

After the killer was shot dead by a police sniper in a 30-hour siege on his apartment, Merah's family tried to send the body to be buried in a village in the province of Medea, Algeria. Algerian officials rejected the body due to "security concerns". But now that the body is back, the Mayor of Toulouse doesn't want to bury it either:

"Following Algeria's last-minute refusal to accept Mohamed Merah's body, Mayor Pierre Cohen feels that his burial within the city of Toulouse is inappropriate," his office announced today.

President Sarkozy just wants it out of sight: "He was French. Let him be buried and let's not have any arguments about it".


3.30.2012 update: Merah has now been interred. Funeral footage here.


Text: Caitlin Hu