What the hell is this?

July 18, 2011

These two dudes are from Irian Jaya, Papua New Guinea.

The weird thing that you can see hanging from their penises is the traditional koteka or penis sheath, made out of dried out gourds. The object the two are curiously looking at is a copy of Colors 13: No words, given to them by Ermanno Foroni, who also shot this photo in 1996.

15 years have gone by since that day and Colors is still striving to reach as many people as possible with its stories and photos. That’s why today we launch the new Colors website. It’s simple, it’s visual, it’s conceived for you to be able to go deep in the contents.

It allows you to search the full archive of the past issues and makes available for the first time a large amount of Notebooks, one of Colors’ most successful special projects.

In the stories section you will find the single articles from the different issues. As for the current issue, you won't find them all at once. We will release two of them every week over the next few months. If you want to read them all right now, then you can buy an actual copy of the magazine in the buy&subscribe page.

The fans of the old website should not worry. The Lab is still here, ready to receive your contributions, both for the current issue and for anything that you want to share with us.

There is also this blog, that we will update with stuff that we will stumb upon and that we will find alternatively odd, interesting, funny or inspiring.
We hope you will enjoy it.