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Mexico has more than 20 troupes of dwarf bullfighters, say those in the know.

There are the enanitos toreros de Aguascalientes (the Aguascalientes dwarf bullfighters), the enanitos toreros de Zapopan, the bullfighters of Jaltepec, those of Guadalajara, and of Monterey. Then there are, of course, the Bullfighting Giants and los Verdaderos Enanitos Toreros who are also known as the True Dwarf Bullfighters and who claim to have been the only ones to bullfight in the monumental Plaza of Mexico. 

Their impeccable suits. The proud posture of their bodies: erect, masculine, athletic and full of grace. The cape in the hand and the courage anchored in a body that faces each heifer's pitiless charges. Their mercy, because these dwarves bullfight in the Portuguese way, without bloodshed.

The bullring performances of these short-figured athletes have become itinerant traveling shows throughout Mexico, and across a few Latin American countries and US states. While some bullfighters are serious about the act and the practice of bullfighting itself, others convert the performance into just one element of an elaborate show that includes singing, dancing, comedy, dramas, mimcry and acrobatics.

Ladies and gentlemen, the dwarf bullfighters of Mexico.