Bear Farming


Bear farmers "milk" captive black bears with a hollow stick in China, Vietnam, South Korea and Laos.

Animal Kingdom

Happiness, Animals

The Bhutanese national animal is so bizarre that scientists had to invent a whole new taxonomic category for it. But that’s not why zoos are banned and meat has to be imported. This week, guest blogger Kunzang Choden breaks down the cycle of life.

Fair Feathers


Who says a dog is man’s only best friend? There is a whole world to discover at trade shows for fowl. And that's where the ‘animal photographer’ Santos Román found his latest victims.

A Face-Lift for Fifi?


In the last few years, followers of fashion and good sense have had to deal with one plastic surgery-related shock after another. First it was the beauty queens who went belly up after some completely unnecessary procedures. Then it was the 12 year olds who put Liposuction on their birthday wishlists. Followed by the Asian 12 year olds who got eyelid surgery to look more Western. And now, it’s the…