The World’s Last Tuna

Apocalypse, The Sea, Going to the Market

96% percent of the bluefin population has vanished, thanks to Tokyo's high-profile annual auction and a global tuna black-market.

Fighting monsters in Tarvisio


The monster parade happens every year. All you need to join in is furs, cowbells, masks 3x the size of your head, and a lot of alcohol.

Fantasies are for the Weak [or, Watching Telenovelas in Bosnia]

Apocalypse, Telenovelas

Back then, Bosnians drank a lot of alcohol, listened to a lot of turbo-folk, and comforted themselves with Latin soaps.


Collector, Apocalypse, While You Sleep

Why Bolivians dig up their dead and make human skulls smoke cigarettes.

Living on Light


The breatharians are a cult who claim to subsist only on air and sunlight. And the occasional hot dog when they think no one's looking.


Apocalypse, Get a Job, War

A radiograph of a not-so-funny joke.