Surreal Estate

Apocalypse, Money, Mass Housing

The real estate bubble has left its trace on our planet: square graph cities built solely for economic profit stand empty, creating the ultimate dystopian scenery.

Disaster Anytime, Anywhere


The best place on the internet may be a blog called "Global Disaster Watch", where you can hang out all day for up-to-the-minute reports of catastrophe in every corner of the world.

When Prophecy Fails II

Transport, Apocalypse, Madness

In 1954, despite many Ouija-board-type confirmations between the Clarion aliens and Sister Thedra, a spaceship never came to rescue the members of the Clarion Cult.

When Prophecy Fails I

Transport, Apocalypse, Madness

Americans are about 3000 times more likely to spot a UFO in the sky than to commit voter fraud.

Animal Alarm


The coastal city of Susaki, Japan, plans to use dogs as living tsunami alarms.

The Arc of History


We enter a room, throw a light switch, and would only be astonished if the lights failed to come on. Yet, my grandparents were born into a world where electric lighting was a novelty, and hot showers a luxury.