Agriculture Returns to the Center of Economic Life

Apocalypse, Teenagers

Happy Graduation, Class of 2012. It’s both tragic and hilarious that young people have been swindled into thinking their vocational future lies in some corporate nirvana of magic techno-innovation (complete with ‘free trade” latte breaks).

The New Landscape


What will our cities, towns and villages look like after the economy collapses?

Flavors of Disorder


Government is only liable to become more incompetent, more ineffectual, and less able to control events and populations as our systems unwind.

The Great Re-set


Disorder is creeping in from the margins to center: faltering GDP numbers, real unemployment above 20 percent, governments falling, and systematic accounting fraud. All these symptoms are evidence of the coming, unavoidable Great “Re-set”

The End of Pretend


The modern age is foundering on the paradox of too much magic, too many layers of complexity heaped up at too great a scale. At the heart of this literal engine of progress has been fossil fuel: coal, oil, gas, with a side dish of nuclear power.